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Unix/Linux Client for sending spin glass jobs to the server

NAME - send spin glass meta jobs to the spin glass server system.


sendsg [OPTIONS] -m email@address -n METANAME FILE ...


This client allows to send spin glass instances to the spin glass server. Instances can be bundled into so called meta jobs. A meta job contains a number of single files. Within a meta job, each single instance has to be contained in a single file. Each file contains a spin glass instance in a specified format.

The client needs at least 3 parameters. Firstly, you state the email address to which the results will be sent with -m . This parameter can be skipped if there exists a .sendsgrc file in your $HOME directory containing the following line followed by an empty line.


Note the single quotes enclosing the email address.

Next, the name of the meta job has to be specified with the -n NAME flag. Finally, the instance files which contained in the meta job are declared. For simplicity, you can just provide the directory containing the instance files followed by a slash and an asterisk, e.g. /home/yourname/foo/*


The first line contains a optional user-defined job name of the corresponding instance, like name: name_of_a_testinstance. If skipped, instances are named as their filenames.

For the input format definition see the spin glass server page. An example of valid input is given here.


show summary of options

-t [long|short]
configure how much detail you want to see in the server output (default: long) short reports the ground state characteristics only

-i [instance_type]
configure the problem type (currently supported):
  • ising
  • pottsinf (to compute optimum solutions for Potts spin glass instances with q → ∞)
The option 'ising' automatically identifies your instances as one of the following deprecated type
default value: ising
This is a global option and overwrites local problem types defined in your instances!

-m [email]
email address the results will be sent to

verbose mode

-n [meta job name]
set the name of the meta job. e.g. foobar

FILE ...
list of files with spin glass input data


            sendsg -v -m -n gauss100 ~/gauss100/*


Written by Marc Egger.


Report bugs to < spinglass at >. For further information, visit


Copyright (C) 2011 by Institut für Informatik, Köln.