As long as the documenting part of the CWEB-sources is under construction,
we provide the C-sources of the programs (generated by ctangle and not meant
to be read except by a compiler) we have used in the study
Practical Performance of Efficient Minimum Cut Algorithms


and the problem instances arising in branch and cut for the TSP in


(Netscape users should click on the links while the shift key is down)

If you want to use the programs, do the following:

gunzip programs.tar.gz
tar xvf programs.tar
cd programs

Now try

mcc -h 


gennoi -h

in order to see how these programs are used.

E.g., if you want to run a NOIEXP problem instance with parameters, say,
n=400, d=50, k=2, p=0.01, with the PR algorithm, and you want to know
the cut and its value, say

gennoi 400 50 2 0.01 4711 | mcc -v2 -aPR

If you want to know the input data format, say

cat examp.dat

If you want the "TSP" problem instances, do the following

cat tspinstances.tar.gz* > tspinstances.tar.gz
gunzip tspinstances.tar.gz
tar xvf tspinstances.tar

Michael Jünger
Giovanni Rinaldi
Stefan Thienel